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Grade A.B,C Red Deer Antler (Cervus Elaphus)

Model No.: AAAA
Product Name: Grade A.B,C Red Deer Antler (Cervus Elaphus)
Product Origin: Thailand
Standard: High Standard
Brand Name: deer antlers
PriceTerms: To be discuss
Supply Ability: 200000MT
Detailed Product Description:

pieces of a mix of "A" and "B" and "C" grade of mixed species of antlers (deer, elk, caribou, moose,)- they vary in size from approximately 3" to 10"

Grade A antlers .
Length = 75-85cm
Burr diameter = 5-7cm
Weight = 750 grammes

Grade B antlers are equally as fresh and hard as grade A. The only aspects that sets them apart is that they are smaller antlers
Length = 50-70cm
Burr diameter = 3-5cm
Weight = 750 grammes

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