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vanilla beans..

Product Name: vanilla beans..
Product Origin: madagascar
Standard: organic
PriceTerms: best price
Supply Ability: 20000MT
Detailed Product Description:

We have gourmet grade, grade A, premium Black vanilla for sale internationally .

This is simply put the Best Vanilla Money Can Buy.
Length starts from 14cm but it is possible to adjust and customise your order up to 17cm.
Vanillin content is: 1.8 - 2.4%
Moisture content is: 30 - 35%
The vanilla is harvested, dried, then vacuum packed in bags of 5kg each. It is then packed into boxes that are 25kg each (5 X 5kg vacuum bags per box)
Additional testing can be arranged at the customer's request.
Export can be done via sea and air freight (for smaller and/or quicker orders).
There is a lot of scope for customisation as we also have other grades and forms of vanilla available (TK or teka vanilla, red vanilla, vanilla cuts, vanilla powder) and can supply anything from very large/bulk orders to small quantities. So be rest assured, whatever your niche or desire, we will surely satisfy.
If you want a superior product of exceptional quality for great value, please contact us for further discussions.
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